OBJECT CARPET’s Miley large-scale botanical excursion is gentle and romantic but never restrained. It prepares the ground for classic furnishings as well as modern interiors. Colors and patterns are inspired by nature and celebrate the alleged imperfection of all that’s natural.

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Available as: Broadloom | Carpet Tile | Rug

All FORUM qualities are standard fitted with the WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus backing especially developed by OBJECT CARPET and contribute substantially to well-balanced architectural acoustics. WELLTEX® consists of recycled PET material. This special backing is not only sustainable but also low on emission and odor, free of bitumen, latex, and PVC, therefore without illness-causing chemicals. FORUM is lightweight in transport, flexible, and easy to fit. Invisible qualities, but significant in effect! Healthy, sustainable, and quiet.

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FORUM Technical datasheets:
Glossy Velours | Structured Loop | Velours | Woven
FORUM Carpet fitting guide:
Glossy Velours | Structured Loop | Velours | Woven
FORUM Cleaning & Care:
Glossy Velours | Structured Loop | Velours | Woven

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Miley 1001, Miley 1002, Miley 1003, Miley 1004


Glossy Velours, Structured Loop, Velours, Woven


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