Jabo Carpets 2640

Experience the epitome of exceptional design, practicality, and unrivaled comfort with Jabo Carpets Vintage 2640. This vintage collection showcases the perfect fusion of timeless aesthetics and modern functionality. Crafted with the finest polyamide fibers, our carpets offer unmatched durability and effortless maintenance. Revel in the luxurious softness, radiant sheen, and sumptuous comfort that our Vintage 2640 carpets provide. Discover the ideal blend of style and convenience with Jabo Carpets, where exquisite craftsmanship meets enduring quality.

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100% Polyamide Ultra Soft
8.2 mm Thickness

Jabo Carpets Maintenance Guide
Jabo Carpets 2640 Laying Advice

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2640-180, 2640-230, 2640-380, 2640-480, 2640-520, 2640-540, 2640-570, 2640-605, 2640-615, 2640-630


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