Jabo Carpets 2625

Experience luxurious comfort and timeless elegance with Jabo Carpets’ 2625 Silky Carpet. Crafted to perfection, this exquisite flooring solution seamlessly blends ultimate comfort and a natural aesthetic. Indulge your senses as you sink your feet into the silky soft pile deck, providing a delightful tactile experience. The carefully chosen yarn boasts a mesmerizing degree of gloss, resulting in a visually stunning carpet that effortlessly enhances any space. Discover the perfect harmony of style and comfort with Jabo Carpets’ 2625 Silky Carpet, an exceptional choice for those seeking unparalleled luxury in their home.

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100% PA 6.6 silk look
8.6 mm Thickness

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2625-010, 2625-030, 2625-050, 2625-480, 2625-530, 2625-620, 2625-630


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