Designers can’t get enough of our New Mark Carpet tiles!

If you want the best, you need to buy the best!

Therefore, we recommend New Mark Carpet tiles for your next project. Created by Summit International Flooring, this collection is comprised of solution dyed nylon tiles and planks. Our 12 initial qualities include nine designs in tile format (19.68”x19.68”) and three designs in plank format (40”x10”).

In addition, each quality is beautifully displayed within their own individual folders. This allows designers and clients to truly appreciate the colors and designs that each unique quality offers. For instance, each folder contains one or two designs, complimentary solid colors, and brochures that illustrate how the carpet would look within a room.

Qualities include: Mineral, Dust Off, Pigment, Block & Bead, Aqua Code, Splish Splash, Highlight, Color Zip, Track 25, Orbit, & Set Sail. 

Additional Features: 

  1. All tiles are solution dyed yarn (nylon)
  2. ASTM Class 1 Rating
  3. Contribute 1 LEED Point where necessary
  4. Many designs are unique to the carpet tile segment
  5. Created in a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology
  6. ecoFresh – a self-renewal odor reducer
  7. Competiviely priced against the biggest names in the segment

Although this collection is the first budget-oriented product collection offered by Summit International Flooring, we guarantee that our clients will still receive the same exemplary service that they are accustomed to receiving!

To request samples, or to place an order of New Mark Carpet tiles, please contact us at

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