Creating beautiful and sustainable products is OBJECT CARPET’s specialty.

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When you think of sustainable products, you should think of OBJECT CARPET.  For over 40 years, this family owned company has merged uncompromising quality and functionality with extraordinary design. As a result, they have won numerous awards for innovation and design. Furthermore, they are dedicated to making sustainable products that are good for the customer and the plant. Therefore, we are delighted to partner with them in order to  help get their rugs and carpets out nationwide. In  fact, we compiled a list of their most noteworthy attributes! As a result, we hope that you will be as impressed with OBJECT CARPET as we are!

1. Made in Germany seal of quality:
  • Wide selection of products and colors that help achieve architectural momentum.
  • Tufted, woven, and needle felt qualities were developed for property-specific requirements.
  • OBJECT CARPET is the one-stop for fitted carpets, carpet tiles, and area rugs.
  • An impressive history of having an award-winning range of products. For instance, they have been singled out for excellence in design and business practices many times.
2. Safety, certification, and sustainability:
  • Product safety verified and recognized by international standards such as ISO, DIN, EPD, and EN certifications.
  • Sustainable products for projects are certified by LEED, CRI Green Label Plus, WELL, DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) and many international certificates.
  • The TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection), ensures suitability for allergy sufferers and Blue Angel certificate for low emissions.
  • Durable and easy-clean products achieved by using the best raw materials and the best fiber brands.
  • OBJECT CARPET has carpets and rugs that are free of harmful emissions and odors such as bitumen, latex, and PVC.
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3. Individual and intelligent solutions for specific property requirements:
  • Create special colors or designs developed for areas upwards of 200m².
  • Looking for a calm and relaxed atmosphere? Try a BlackThermo®Felt acoustic finish.
  • With new new tile-construction, you will save time in regards to cutting, placement, and transport.
  • They have carpeting that can be disinfected for office spaces.
  • For an even better indoor experience, they have created SmartBack reverse coating for ventilated flooring.
  • With no permanent adhesion needed, you get maximum flexibility with BlackThermo®Felt acoustic finish.
4. Comprehensive service and skilled consultancy:
  • With one of the largest stocks in Europe, delivery times are short.
  • Short and flexible production timelines.
  • Easily plan data for your visualizations on the OBJECT CARPET website.
  • Communicate with experienced local sales team and an international supply network.
  • Browse their international showroom network for face to face consultancy services with customers.