OBJECT CARPET has submitted their new collection for the HiP Awards at NeoCon!

“A new generation of carpet.” That is how OBJECT CARPET has defined their stunning new collection, Places of Origin. Yet with any luck, that is exactly how the judges for the HiP Awards will regard this collection as well. Although OBJECT CARPET will have some fierce competition this year, they do have a proven track record of success! In fact, they are no strangers when it comes to competing for the HiP Awards.

Every year, during the NeoCon convention in Chicago, awards are presented to companies that have innovative products. For instance, Interior Design has an annual recognition program Honoring Industry People and Innovative Products. These awards honor commercial industry pioneers and achievement in product applications. Although judges consider thousands of applications every year, OBJECT CARPET has managed to be recognized for the last two years.

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To elaborate, in 2016, OBJECT CARPET was a finalist for the HiP Awards for their beautiful FREESTILEcollection. Then in 2017, they entered the same collection again and received a Honoree Award. However, for 2018, OBJECT CARPET is entering a new collection for consideration: Places of Origin. This collection has already gained accolades for being revolutionary and is set to be quite popular at this year’s NeoCon convention.

Places of Origin:

The Places of Origin collection is set to be the star of our showroom this year. However, thanks to its innovation and design, it might just be the star of NeoCon as well. All eight designs, both in broadloom and SL-Tiles, are inspired by nature. Furthermore, they are made using 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn which makes them extremely durable. Plus, they have a lasting textile flooring which features an excellent ecological balance. Not to mention, all eight designs are free of bitumen, latex, and PVC. Moreover, since the carpets bind fine dust, they are suitable for allergy sufferers. Finally, not only is it consumer friendly, but it is Earth-friendly too!

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nterested in seeing this collection in person? Stop by our showroom (11-135) at NeoCon from June 11 – June 13!

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