We are like family here at Summit International Flooring (SIF) and we want you to know us like family too! Through this segment, Meet the Family, we’ll be introducing you to different SIF team members. This way if you need anything (e.g. – advice, assistance) you know you can come to us first; just like family!

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Name: Marc Becker                                       

Title:  National Sales Director (salesman extraordinaire)

What are your responsibilities with Summit International Flooring (SIF)?

First and foremost, I recruit representatives, then keep them informed with product knowledge.  From there I do my best to help them navigate the process of introducing and building brands in the N. American market.

I also assist salespeople and directly assist designers working on specifications.

I am involved with vendor relations and am truly fortunate to travel internationally with our owner and assist with product development.

Within the office and warehouse, I wear many hats, and I am just as happy to be helping in the warehouse as to be presenting in the highest echelon of A&D firms.

My job is to do whatever is needed at the time it is needed most, so I prioritize into categories of what is urgent and what is only important.  Then, I get it all done, and my schedule of 25 hours a day and 8 days a week allows me to service whomever is in need, regardless of the size of task or project.

What SIF product are you most excited about today and why?

The nicest product we offer is the one that just shipped!

Honestly, we scour the earth for unique products, and we have many products that are only found through SIF.  Our colors, textures, or features allow each of our brands to excite me….and that is not a “sales” answer.  Working with products that differentiate is exciting!

As of late, OBJECT CARPET offers a spectacular collection of high resolution printed carpet tiles called the Freestile Collection, and Bentzon Carpets offers stunning low profile woven wool carpets at pricing nobody believes.  Our products may not be the lowest cost, but we offer a very high value in terms of appearance retention.  As an added benefit, it is exciting to be on the forefront of “green” initiatives, as our suppliers are ahead of the curve in most categories.

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Malmo – Freestile by Object Carpet.

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Gamma by Bentzon Carpets

Any special project(s) you are currently working on?

They are all special, as every project of unique product makes a designer look good, and every project helps keep food on the table for many families who have a mom or dad working for Summit Int Flooring.

What is your back ground?  What did you do before SIF?

I am in my 26th year in the floor covering business.  Having started as an independent sales rep selling carpet and rugs to retail dealers in the DC/MD/VA area, I moved to sales management about halfway through my career.  Our owner, and my friend, David Numark convinced me to join SIF, and for the past five years, I have been learning the A&D segment.  I wish I had been in A&D all my life, but the efforts up to joining Summit were necessary to prepare me for success in this role.

What is your current obsession? 
Do you have any hobbies?  

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While I clean up as well as possible, in my heart I am a biker and I spend a lot of time with my club (Steel Allegiance) and our families.  We raise money for charities, we help our friends in need, but mostly, we RIDE!  And we drink!  And we laugh!

I am also 100% devoted to my family of origin and my family of choice.  I am actually lucky, for not only do have my mom and brothers and relatives, but my wife, the greatest kids in the world (okay, maybe I am biased), my SIF family (which sincerely fits the definition), and my club family.

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