Being painfully aware of the devastation Covid-19 has had on so many businesses and the individuals and their families that have been so negatively affected, we want to take a moment to thank the architects, designers, and corporations that have, and continue to, use our flooring in their projects.

In our personal lives, when life ebbs we lean on our families and friends.  In our business life, Summit International Flooring has leaned on our heartfelt relationships to bring us sample requests and projects.  Not to oversell our position, we are not where we were and we believe all flooring suppliers serving the A&D community are suffering, however, with your continued support we are weathering this storm.

As difficult as some decisions were, we have held a nucleus of employees whose commitment to service has never faltered.  In the best of times, we believed our level of service separated us from the masses, and in the hardest of times we have even replaced some employees with people who share that belief and walk that talk.

Nobody has had to reach us to know where their order is, as we keep you informed.  If issues occur, we stay on them like a blanket until there is resolution.  When timing for samples, quotes, or product has been an issue, we get it done.  We have even launched new product during this difficult period.  And when business reached its lowest valley, we invested into building a studio so we could give high quality presentations well beyond the capabilities allowed by Skype or Zoom.  Further, we use this studio to conduct a weekly live stream called SUMMIT LIVE! (Tuesday at 2:00 EST).  With professional equipment, we work both behind and in front of the camera to keep you informed on Summit and our brand partners, as well as to highlight the work of specific designers and firms.  Because we are not professional television people, sometimes things go wrong, but we laugh it off, knowing the show helps us still feel connected to you. (If you want to highlight yourself or your firm or a specific project, reach out.  We would love to schedule an episode to host what is important to you.)

Along with the rest of the world, we look forward to the time vaccines are ready and life can truly begin returning to normal, with old projects back on track and new projects germinating weekly.  Until then, it remains our commitment to continue to bring healthy, sustainable, renewable, products to market that are innovative, and not duplicative, of what you find elsewhere.  Please know how sincerely we appreciate every opportunity you bring us.  THANK YOU, from all of us at Summit International Flooring.

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