Primus Rustic

Introducing Granorte Decodalle Primus Rustic Cork Wallcover, a captivating and eco-friendly solution to enhance your living space with timeless charm. Crafted with the utmost precision and utilizing sustainable cork materials, this premium wallcovering adds warmth, texture, and natural elegance to any room.

The Decodalle Primus Rustic Cork Wallcover showcases a rustic aesthetic, featuring a rich blend of earthy tones and a unique pattern that effortlessly complements modern and traditional interiors. Its high durability and acoustic properties create a serene atmosphere while reducing noise, making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Elevate your design while contributing to a greener future with Granorte Decodalle Primus Rustic Cork Wallcover—a truly exceptional choice for style-conscious individuals seeking eco-conscious living. Order now to transform your space with this sustainable masterpiece.

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23.62" x 11.81" x .12" | 170.5 sqft per carton

Glue-down wall installation
PARAWAX finished
Residential and commercial use

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Decodalle Sound Absorption Test Report
Cork Wall Tile Laying Instructions
Cork Wall Care & Maintenance Instructions

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Dimensions 23.62 × 11.81 × .12 in

Primus Rustic Brown 170-086, Primus Rustic Navy Blue 170-077, Primus Rustic Pearl 170-074, Primus Rustic Spring 170-713, Primus Rustic Terracotta 170-712


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