Van Besouw 3808

Van Besouw 3808 is a true design classic. The cotton carpet is of indestructible quality. The writing character is one of the most typical features of this lively and contemporary carpet. Typically Van Besouw: the 3808 is a knitted carpet. This is evident in the optics: a curly loop that falls frivolously in all directions.

  • Inspired by the Dutch fields seen from the air. The result: a characteristic knitted cable structure
  • Cotton is a very strong fiber and therefore perfectly suitable for heavily used areas.
  • Knitting cotton.┬áVan Besouw has become known for this.┬áThe 3808 is a classic designed by Benno Premsela.
  • Note the writing character, due to the combination of fiber and knitting technique.┬áThe longer the carpet is used, the more beautiful
  • Cotton
    • High-strength fiber
    • Matte appearance
    • Long lifespan
  • Very versatile
  • Very suitable as a made-to-measure rug
    • Carpets are standard equipped with comfortable non-slip fleece backing
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3808-130, 3808-330, 3808-400, 3808-610, 3808-620


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