Celebrate Wool Carpets With The Chennai Collection

The Chennai Collection is a celebration of pure undyed wool!


We are excited to announce that the new Chennai stock rugs have arrived at Jacaranda Carpets! This durable 100% pure wool design is hand-woven by traditional methods and skilled artisans that cut or leave loops in order to graduate the pile. This hand-shearing process helps to create a beautiful and random texture that is sure to delight. Although the process of hand-weaving is hard work, it is a labour of love. Hundreds of bobbins are wound by hand, and then manually wrapped around a warping wheel and onto wooden looms which are hand-operated, with no need for electricity. Even the edges of these beautiful rugs are hand-sewn with traditional needle and woolen thread.

At Jacaranda Carpets, they love wool. Soft, warm wool fibers blend together beauty and style with practical durability. Wool fibers are naturally coated in lanolin for stain resistance, alongside being renewable and recyclable. In addition, they are moth-treated which gives each Chennai carpet a 5 year anti-moth guarantee. Although this collection's subtle color palette celebrates the beauty of natural undyed wool, 'Salt' has been dyed to achieve a cooler grey.

These NEW rugs are stocked in popular sizes: 170x240cm, 200x300cm & 300x400cm. Also available in 4 & 5m broadloom.

Interested in ordering samples? Feel free to contact us!