This Icy White Collection Is Sure To Cool You Down

Bring a cool and crisp look to any design with this icy white collection!

Taormina White

When the weather gets hot, cool off with a crisp and refreshing design! In other words, rejuvenate your style with the White Collection by Jacaranda Carpets. Inspired by the hot summer temperatures, the White Collection stays cool with a crisp and clean minimalist look.  As a result, designers are choosing this collection to provide their clients with a design that is sure to beat the heat!

First and foremost, this collection is comprised of four designs white are all pure white and luxurious. Therefore, they are ideal for large living spaces or super yachts!  For example, Agra Taj is the most sumptuous broadloom in Jacaranda’s collection. Namely, it is due to the fact that it has an incredible 24mm depth which is unique in itself. Furthermore, it is made of a TENCEL and wool blend which is then hand-woven on traditional wooden looms.  As a result,  Agra offers durable comfort with a natural silk-like shine and is considered the ultimate luxury underfoot.

In addition to Agra Taj, there is Taormina White, Positano White, and Portofino White, in the White Collection. All three of these looks are made from 100% New Zealand Wool, which is celebrated for its pure white color tones and ability to reflect the light.

Accordingly, all of the White Collection is available in 4m or 5m width broadloom carpet. This makes it ideal if you are looking for a seam-free carpet to cover a large space. However, if you are looking for something smaller but still luxurious, they also make wonderful statement rugs. For example, Agra is stocked in 5 standard sizes and all of the collection can be made-to-measure.


Portofino White

Taormina White

Agra Taj

Positano White