What's In It For You?

The following blog was written by Summit International Flooring's National Sales Director, Marc Becker. Navigating this new climate can be a challenge, but finding luxury flooring doesn't have to be!

Summit International Flooring has made changes in how we serve architects and designers.

We started by realizing how difficult it was to stay connected, and the risks involved with having our sales agents going into companies to make presentations. Then, once states were making work from home mandatory, we knew we had to act to be able to offer the service of which you have come to expect from us.

Therefore, we started to suggest Skype and Zoom calls, but we quickly saw the frustration of designers being inundated with these requests, as well as the frustration of too many people being on screen and the lack of controlling people talking over each other. That is when we made the difficult choice to invest in some neccessary changes, despite the fact that our revenue was declining. Once that decision was made, our company was essentially changed overnight. 

First, we redesigned our website in order to create a new and informative page, Product Presentations. When users view this page, they can click on any of our brand icons, and watch short video presentations regarding the corresponding brand. These videos range from brand overviews that might last for just a few minutes, or highlight specific products within the brand and only last for a minute. Should users want to utlilize that page today, they will see that we have quite a few videos  available, and more are being added weekly. 

Beyond changing our website, we have also built a television-grade studio within our home office in Whippany, New Jersey. From this studio, we run a live stream every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. EST.  Our goal is to create episodes that feature a specific brand or a topic, and will be hosted by different members of our team. In the near future, we hope to even include guests such as designers, architects, and clients. The show is aptly named SUMMIT LIVE! and while we are on “air”, viewers can watch it via our website, or social media platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook). During the show, we invite viewers to type in questions that can be addressed during the episode. For the viewers that are unable to watch the episode live, we provide them with the option of watching it at their convenience on YouTube or on our website. To access these past videos on our website, viewers are invited to visit our Product Presentation page.

We invite any architect or designer who wishes to, to send us suggested topics to discuss, or even volunteer to be a guest. By choosing the latter, we can easily stream you into our show from the comfort of your home or office. As an added benefit, our studio can be used to create customized presentations that we can live stream directly to your firm. Should clients choose this exciting new option, they can recieve a personalized and dynamic presentation that they wont be able to get through a typical Zoom or Skype call. 

Of course, samples can be sent to your home or office, along with UPS Return Labels so that after your consideration they can be recycled.

As has always been the case, Summit International Flooring prides ourselves on going beyond expectations to help you be even more successful.

- Marc Becker, National Sales Director                                                                    1-877-496-3566