What You Need To Know About OBJECT CARPET

OBJECT CARPET is committed to environmental protection and the protection of your health! 

Did you know that your flooring might be causing you harm?

When it comes to flooring, materials and production matter. That is why we are proud to say OBJECT CARPET has taken an innovative approach to create environmentally friendly products.

With innovative, resource-conserving production technologies and products, OBJECT CARPET contributes both to systematic environmental protection, and to the protection of people's health. For them, this not only includes meeting strict environmental standards of production, but by using environmentally-friendly materials. 

As many people with allergies are already aware, fine dust and allergens penetrate into the respiratory tract through the nose and throat. This can often create uncomfortable results such as sneezing, itchy eyes, and sore throats. However, these symptoms can easily turn into something much more serious. According to studies by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the life expectancy of German citizens has been reduced by about 9 months because of a high level of fine dust pollution. In comparison to granolithic floors, carpets from OBJECT CARPET reduce noxious fine dust in the air by more than 50% by binding the dust until the next vacuum-cleaning.

While taking care to choose healthy products for your home is easy, it can be difficult to get the same results in your workplace. Noise in the office (talking, phoning, or noise from office equipment) can cause illness and studies have shown that labor productivity can decrease by 30%. In order to reverse these aliments, we strongly recommend carpeting in areas where employees are working and interacting. Not only does carpet flooring absorb and swallow sound, but if it's an OBJECT CARPET product, it can also contribute to a healthy working atmosphere!

Whether you're looking to make a change for your health, or you're looking for an Earth friendly product, keep OBJECT CARPET in mind. All of their qualities are free from PVC, latex, and bitumen which contributes to a healthy environment overall!

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