The Tapanui Collection Is Guaranteed To Delight

The Tapanui Collection by Jacaranda Carpets is a stunning example of how beautiful New Zealand wool is!


Highly textured and durable, Tapanui will make any interior feel warm and welcoming!

Created by Jacaranda Carpets, Tapanui a tufted, high twist cut pile broadloom carpet that is enveloping and luxurious!  Machine tufted to perfection, the Tapanui Collection is created from 100% New Zealand wool which showcases Jacaranda’s trademark natural color palette. Available in nine beautiful shades, this collection has a purity that is synonymous with this celebrated white wool.

In addition to the beautiful colors, the natural properties of wool acts as a temperature regulator. For instance, this collection will keep you warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer months. Above all, Tapanui’s Heavy Contract rating makes it the perfect choice for commercial projects such as hotel bedrooms or for busy areas in the home like hallways, stairs, and living rooms.  With this in mind, Tapanui’s textured appearance makes it ideal for hiding dirt and minor damage sustained in high traffic areas.

Whether you’re looking for broadloom or as an area rug, you can rest easy knowing that is has been treated to be moth-resistant! As a result, your Tapanui will look stunning for years to come!

New Zealand wool is renowned for:

  • Long strong fibers which give good definition of texture and great strength.
  •  Great durability combined with luxurious softness
  • Purity of color – made  possible by the whiteness of high quality New Zealand wool – which gives a lustrous clarity to Jacaranda’s trademark palette of soft natural tones