Satara And Santushti: The Beautiful Collections You Need To See

The Satara and Santushti collections are simply beautiful.

Satara and Santushti were created by Jacaranda Carpets, a company that loves being innovative. They also enjoy creating collections that have handmade textures as well as using natural colors and materials. But above all, they believe that they can provide carpets and rugs using ethical and environmentally sound methods. This is done without compromise to quality, design, or style. In fact, many of their products are handmade and not mass produced.  Instead, they weave designs on traditional wooden looms that require no electricity. They also consider the type of material that they are using. The majority of their collections are weaved mainly from pure wool and natural fibers, like TENCEL®.

Although we have talked about TENCEL® before, it is important to note that all TENCEL® is not created equally. TENCEL® from Australia will recover well from water stains. However, imitation Tencel from India will not recover from water stains. This is due in part to the way they manufacture their TENCEL®. Thankfully, Jacaranda Carpets only uses the TENCEL® from Australia in both their Santushti Collection and their Satara Collection. Yet because they are made from TENCEL®, both collections are meant for interior spaces with light to moderate traffic. Furthermore, it should not be in an area where people might walk over it with shoes still wet from outdoor weather.

Satara and Santushti:

When Jacaranda Carpets first launched Satara, it was a bold new range of broadloom and rugs, available in 18 stunning shades. Created of 100% TENCEL®, it has the same silky appearance and texture of their Santushti Collection. However, we are proud to say that Satara is the only TENCEL® design available in deep saturated colors and jewel tones. Other companies simply don’t achieve the rich colors like Jacaranda Carpets does.


Due to popular demand, Jacaranda Carpets added six new colors to their Santushti collection as well. With these new colors, they were able to unite their trademark natural palette with the rich, vibrant tones of their Satara collection. Both collections have a beautiful range of colors and are all hand-woven on traditional wooden looms. Even though there are 28 stunning shades available between the two collections, Jacaranda Carpets can make custom colors. This allows you to have the color of your dreams with the quality you deserve!