How To Protect Your Luxurious Wool Rugs From Moths

Don’t let your wool rugs fall victim to a moth infestation!

The war against moths has officially begun! On the front line is Jacaranda Carpets, a company that knows a thing or two about wool rugs. Specifically, the belief that pure wool makes the best rugs. Why? Because the elasticity of good quality wool gives excellent resilience and wear properties. In fact, when the first wool rugs were woven back before the 1900’s, they were expected to last hundreds of years. However, even the sturdiest wool rug will fall victim to moth damage if not properly cared for.

With this in mind, a common misconception is that the flying moths we see are the ones waging war on our rugs. In truth, the real danger is the eggs they lay inside the wool fibers. These moth larvae especially love hand-knotted rugs because they are a vast source of wool to feast on.

Thus, all of Jacaranda’s wool carpets and rugs now come with a five-year guarantee against moth damage. In fact, all of their wool ranges are being treated with a resist agent to deter insects and their larvae. This decision was personally made by owners Lucy and Richard Meager in hopes to promote their belief that wool, which is renewable, recyclable and durable, is a wonderful ingredient for carpet.

Should a moth problem be reported and verified within five years of purchase, Jacaranda will assist. They will repair, replace or treat the affected area, providing the carpet has been properly maintained as outlined on their website.

(Please note that TENCEL® fibre spun from cellulose is inherently moth resistant therefore all Jacaranda’s wool and TENCEL® ranges are now guaranteed moth resistant.)

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wool rugs
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