A Phenomenal New Look For Park Street Academy

Summit International Flooring is honored to have helped renovate Park Street Academy! 


Park Street Academy, located in Montclair, New Jersey, offers an outstanding Preschool and Pre-K academic program in a warm and nurturing environment. Their reputation for being a positive place to learn can be attributed to the fact that their students and staff are as diverse as the surrounding community. In addition, they believe that each child is a special individual with different abilities and strengths.

However, Lisa Raphael, Director of Park Street Academy, knew that they needed a renovation if they were going to continue being one of the best schools in the area. Therefore, she enlisted the help of Summit International Flooring to redesign classrooms, hallways, and even the cafeteria! As a result, Park Street Academy is now safer, more beautiful, and of course, more fun!

In order to ensure that our new client was happy with the results, Summit International Flooring interviewed Lisa Raphael about her experience with working with our team. In short, she couldn't be happier!

To view photos of the renovation, please follow this link


1. Park Street Academy has been a fixture in the Montclair community since it openedin 1996. What do you think contributes to your school’s constant success throughout the years?

I really think it is the amazing teachers. I have set up a culture of extended family and professionalism. Each and every staff member has input and truly feels that Park Street Academy is also their school.

2. What motivated you to get involved with Park Street Academy?

I have always thought outside the box and never liked the politics of the public school system. Park Street Academy has afforded me the opportunity to be creative and do what is best for the kids.

3. What inspired this initial flooring renovation? What are you hoping that this renovation will do for your school’s image?

Prior to the renovation, we had huge challenges when children got sick, had accidents or spilled paint on the carpet. In addition, the carpeting, though industrial quality from Home Depot, did NOT hold up. They provided no floor preparation and after just two years, the carpet began to fray.

I am certain that the new flooring will not only bring out the beautiful colors we have on our walls, but add a fresh and clean appearance. In addition, the fun pop of colors as well as the turf in the sensory room, it just screams creative, fun and kid-friendly.

4. Were there any issues you needed to consider when selecting the type of flooring you wanted to use?

I absolutely had considerations with regard to the choices in flooring. Easy clean-up, durability, appearance and quality were all factors in my choices.

5. Out of all the flooring solutions that are being installed at Park Street Academy, which flooring solution were you most excited about? Which flooring solution do you think your students will enjoy the most?

Such a hard question to answer as all the flooring looks amazing in the classrooms. That being said, I would have to say that the grass turf in Sensory Station is the favorite of students, teachers and parents!                           

6. How did you find out about Summit International Flooring?

Though I have known David Numark for years, and know his incredible work ethic, I absolutely love the website. It is obvious that Summit International Flooring treats each customer with amazing personal care as well as the quality of the products.

7. Did Summit bring up any issues for consideration, such as comfort, maintenance, budget, etc., that helped you with your purchase decision?

The great thing about Summit is that their experience and expertise made choosing flooring a fun and easy task. Both David and Steve gave us perfect suggestions and basically designed the entire project for us!

8. Did the material arrive on time?

The materials arrived on time and the men who installed the flooring were so nice! They were considerate and extremely professional. David and Steve were in constant communication with me and the installers. The process was quick, enjoyable and the installation was perfect down to the final touches.

9. From ordering samples to installing the flooring solutions, did the process meet your expectations?

I honestly knew this process would be fantastic! From our initial meeting with David and Steve, the entire experience exceeded my expectations in every way!

10. Anything else you would like to say towards working with Summit International Flooring again, or recommending Summit to others?

The Summit difference is the personal care you get from the second you contact them until the very end of the job. They are perfectionists and your job is as important to them as it is to the customer. They have an impressive list of customers in so many industries. The variety is huge and the quality is second to none.