Investing in durable flooring for your home gym is essential!

Having a home gym no longer has to be just a fantasy! Although we would all like to live a healthier lifestyle, getting the right amount of exercise can be a challenge. Gyms can be crowded, membership fees are expensive, and it’s never a guarantee that the equipment you want to use will be free. Not to mention, you’re also dedicating time and money to commuting to and from the gym.

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Despite these inconveniences, thousands of people join gyms every day in the pursuit of achieving their fitness goals. For many people, they think this is the only way way they can exercise in a gym like setting. However, if you’re serious about fitness, creating a home gym might be a better option for you.

Be that as it may, before you start renovating your guest bedroom or clearing out your garage, you will need to decide on what type of flooring will work best for your gym. Thus, you will need to determine what type of workout routines will be taking place in your new home gym. If you plan on incorporating barbells, benches, and weight racks, then you will need a more durable floor like rubber.  However, if you’re planning on doing yoga, cardio, or light weight lifting, DURA WOOD would be a better option. Regardless of what style you purchase, you need to invest in a durable flooring that will not only last, but keep your equipment and house in pristine condition.

Weightlifting/Strength Training:

If you’ve worked out at a gym before, it’s likely that you’ve witnessed someone drop a weight on the floor after a tough lift. Although this is not good for the sub-floor or building structure, gyms work hard to minimize the damage by using rubber flooring. For example, if you were to use our Kaleidoscope Series, you will notice that it will stand up to higher than normal wear and tear. Plus, since it a multicolored pattern (like our Marathon Series and Muscles Series) it is also resistant to scuffs, scratches, and indentations. This is ideal for those who plan on having heavy pieces of equipment or will be lifting excessive weights.

Rubber flooring is also ideal because it has acoustic dampening. Although this doesn’t mean you can turn your workout playlist up to full volume, it does mean any weights dropped on the ground will be muffled.

(For a complete list of our rubber series & to see room scenes, please visit our products page.)


If you’re not looking to add turn your home gym into something that resembles a cross fit studio, then the beauty and durability of DURA WOOD is a better choice. DURA WOOD is a great multi-purpose and athletic flooring product which perfect for any environment that requires comfort and safety.  Featuring a 5mm recycled rubber underlayment, a durable vinyl coating, and finished with a Polyurethane coating, this flooring meets the ADA guidelines for slip resistance (ASTM D2047).  Much like the rubber flooring option, DURA WOOD also has proven sound control and can withstand the weight of most exercise machines. It also has a high PSI, making it more resistant to indentation than other flooring options.

Looking to turn up the heat? DURA WOOD has been approved to be an appropriate flooring material for any hot yoga studio application. Testing has shown that it will perform well in the elevated temperatures that is common with hot yoga. This will allow you to keep your mind clear from any worries while you move from Downward Dog to Tree Pose.

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