6 Himalayan Rugs You Need To See If You Love Art

The Himalayan rugs from Jacaranda Carpets are true works of art!

Art work is no longer just for your walls! Thanks to Himalayan rugs by Jacaranda Carpets, you can now have a piece of art work for your floor. Furthermore, since each Himalayan rug is hand-knotted, each rug is completely unique. Jacaranda’s weavers use traditional Tibetan rug-making techniques that their parents and grandparents brought over from the Himalayas in Tibet.

After this knowledge is passed down to the new generations of weavers, they sit in long rows at fixed looms. To illustrate, there is one to two weavers for a small rug, and up to five weavers for larger rugs. To begin, each weaver works the area in front of them, making individual knots over metal rods. Afterward, they are then cut to create the pile. Simultaneously, the weavers need to count the knots as they go. This ensures that they are following the design that is fixed to the loom above them. With that in mind, weavers must weave each knot uniformly at the same speed. Therefore, their rugs grow on average by just 10 cm per day. In short, these rugs are labor intensive, but the result is stunning.

Advantages of Tibetan hand-knotted rugs:

Quality: This is a traditional technique that creates rugs with the structure and density to withstand many years of use. The weavers knot with Chinese silk, New Zealand wool, and hand-carried wool from the high plateau of Tibet. This wool is renowned for its long, strong fibers and naturally high lanolin content which increases the luster of these rugs with wear.

Intricacy: Many of Jacaranda’s Himalayan rug designs are simple by choice, but hand-knotting lends itself to complex designs. The weavers can change color frequently or swap between silk and wool.

Flexibility. You can buy a rug from stock or rugs can be any design, color, shape, or size. Jacaranda can make your designs or re-create Jacaranda’s designs to your color scheme and dimensions. They can color match to fabrics, wall papers, or paints.

Individuality. At Jacaranda, they value the irregularity and slight quirkiness that can only be handmade. Unlike machine made, mass produced rugs, each Himalayan hand-rug will have its own character and charm. Plus, if they make your design, you will own a work of art that is truly unique.