FORUM: Inspire To Be More Creative

OBJECT CARPET invites you to get inspired with their new FORUM Collection.

Bringing individual ideas to life is a means of self-expression. Self-expression needs a forum, where creativity can ultimately be unleashed.

Thus, OBJECT CARPET’s newest collection, FORUM, was born. FORUM is the inspiration for customized floors which offer a maximum of creative space and allows users to become active designers!

To start, FORUM invites you to choose from one of the 18 designs which are available in four color variations. After selecting a color and pattern, users can choose the right texture for their overall look. These options include: structured loop, woven, glossy velours, and velours. To make this design even more unique, users can also choose to have their design made into acoustic tiles, broadloom, or a RUGX design. Regardless of which type they select, they can rest assured that all FORUM qualities are standard fitted with the WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus backing, developed by OBJECT CARPET.

WELLTEX® consists of recycled PET material, and is free of bitumen, latex, and PVC. Therefore, it’s created without illness-causing chemicals and is low on emission and odor. As a result, WELLTEX® is healthy, sustainable, and quiet!*


FORUM designs are a contemporary instrument of designing spaces of communication and exchange. Furthermore, they lay the groundwork for an ingenious concept, which ultimately gives you, the designer, a creative role!

When it comes to living out your own ideas, these 18 designs are just the beginning. OBJECT CARPET has taken the concept of individualization one step further by allowing you the freedom to create your own flooring design, independent of the designs they have presented. FORUM is open to any and all ideas!

In short, whether you’re looking to invest in one of these 18 beautiful qualities, or create something completely unique, FORUM designs are available from 100 square meters and up!


* The association Netzwerk Boden, the largest network of the flooring industry in Germany, chose WELLTEX® as "Floor of the year 2020". This innovative, extremely light tile backing convinced the jury with its outstanding product-technical and healthy living properties as well as its environmentally friendly production with recycled materials.

- Download the  FORUM For Great Ideas Catalog.