Fantasy World Is Sure To Delight Thanks To OBJECT CARPET

Customers of all ages are going to be delighted by Fantasy World.

The global toy industry is a billion-dollar industry. That being said, toy stores all around the world need to compete in order to be the go-to destination for toy seekers. Therefore, toy stores need to have more than just great toys. In truth, they need to have great style! In order to achieve that goal, many stores are looking to interior designers to help them create a memorable brand. As a result, adults and children are likely to spend more time in the store which often translates to more business being created.

With this in mind, one Fantasy World store has also decided to go for the “wow” factor. Located in the brand-new Al Kout Mall in Kuwait, Fantasy World is more than just a toy store. In fact, as the leader of branded and specialty toys in Kuwait, they know how to create lasting impressions. Therefore, when it was time to design their new store, they knew they needed the best designers. For this reason, they selected JGA to help them create something visually stunning. So why did JGA choose to use FREESTILE by OBJECT CARPET in their design? Well like Fantasy World’s motto states, “Kids deserve the best!”


Created using an innovative, flat weaving technique, FREESTILE by OBJECT CARPET is a modern carpet tile that has been called the next generation in carpet! Although it is extremely thin, it is durable, environmentally friendly, and extraordinarily beautiful! The distinctive patterns and beautiful colors are created by using a unique digital printing process. Then each motif is cut into large 50 X 50 cm tiles. Therefore, there are no visible repeat patterns. Plus, when it is installed, they create multidimensional character which emphasizes and accentuates patterns. Furthermore, they are fire and fade resistant. In short, there has never been a thinner, more durable product that can be easily installed!

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