The following blog was written by Summit International Flooring's National Sales Director, Marc Becker.


What is the worth of a designer?  Anyone can pick pretty colors, but few can arrange a space to meet the desired effect, whether that is for function, for creativity, or for creating a mood.  The designer’s role is to create the space that meets the client’s expectations, and to do it with colors and fabrics that also increase the indoor air quality of the space.  The added value of relying on the skills of the designer is to also add character and differentiation to the space, along with meeting the required functionality.


Vorwerk Carpet offers a unique approach for designers to truly create one-of-a-kind spaces.  Vorwerk cuts carpet tiles to NINE different shapes.  Whether you add just a pop of color here or there, or use the shapes to creating something outstanding, the shaped carpet tiles allow for diversity of thought and form. 


The Configurator on Vorwerk’s website helps to visualize how a design can look very different when colors are changed, or can show dozens of different designs using the same colors to completely change the feeling of a space.


In addition to the unique shapes, all of the carpet tiles are free of bitumen and PVC, as well as being Green Label Plus certified.  When you design with Vorwerk carpet tiles, you can rest assured that the tiles are adding the value for which your firm was retained, and you can assure your clients have a space that is unlikely to be duplicated elsewhere.  



For more information or to order samples, contact Marc Becker, National Sales Director, at 1-877-496-3566