The following letter was written by Summit International Flooring’s National Sales Director, Marc Becker. In these difficult times, it’s important for designers to know that we are still hard at work to provide them with luxury flooring solutions.

“As a designer, you have control over many companies. With access to countless flooring products, your choices are not only for the benefit of your clients, but they are also for the benefit of the suppliers with whom you work, and for your own benefit as well.

In terms of flooring, you can obtain many products that look alike from the gigantic companies that often show similar products under different labels. These companies have been around a long time, likely own their warehouses, and can control their overhead more than niche companies who still pay rent or mortgages on warehouses and equipment. The large companies, with vast amounts of stock and lobbyists in Washington will more easily weather the Coronavirus storm than will smaller companies.

With the above in mind, it is often the smaller companies who bring you the more unique products. Unique products help you offer clients aesthetics that make statements, that brand, that help them differentiate themselves from their competitor, and that create interior spaces that can increase both creativity and employee retention. By way of example, consider OBJECT CARPET, who offers residential looking and feeling carpets that can withstand commercial foot traffic and can even be used under caster chairs without the need for plastic protectors, and even offer carpet tiles free of bitumen, PVC, and latex. Perhaps these carpets cost more than the commodity products from larger mills, but they offer value in terms of sustainability, longevity, indoor air quality features, and are all coupled with Class 1 fire ratings and available HPD’s.

Your positions can become boring if you design with the same products and color lines over and over. However, you can help insure the smaller, niche companies survive by presenting the unique, quality, beautiful products that are not me-too offerings.

We at Summit International Flooring urge you to consider using more of our products in your projects. Not only will you obviously help us navigate this treacherous environment, but you will bring your clients value and beauty, and you will help insure companies like ours will always be there to continue bringing you the latest and greatest technologies in flooring. You have experienced our very high level of service and commitment. Help us to keep helping you. It just makes sense, and we appreciate your continued consideration.”


Marc Becker