Eco-friendly. Beautiful. Unique.

When you’re looking for a stunning carpet, look no further than OBJECT CARPET. Throughout their more than 40 years in the business, they have won multiple awards for their innovative designs. Hence, they do not just follow trends, they set them. Their motivation? A distinct sense of beauty in architecture, color combinations, and new technologies. This encourages OBJECT CARPET to go a step further and let visions become reality. Furthermore, they rely on the fact that their products are made in Germany which gives them confidence in the quality. No compromise. Additionally, OBJECT CARPET manufactures both woven and tufted carpets in both broadloom and carpet tiles. While all qualities are designed to retain their appearance in commercial environments, many can easily cross over for residential applications.



Using the most resilient nylon fiber available, OBJECT CARPET combines matted and high luster yarns to add texture and life into the look of their carpets and rugs. Therefore, most qualities will stand up to the heaviest traffic without worry!

It is recommended to use a SEBO vacuum for day-to-day cleaning.
For commercial installations: SEBO AUTOMATIC X4, X4 Boost, and X5
For residential installations: SEBO FELIX 1 Premium and FELIX 4 Kombi

Want to design a room with the carpet of your choice? Try their RUGX Configurator.

For a complete list of collections, please visit their website.

Summit International Flooring is proud to be the exclusive US distribute of OBJECT CARPET.

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