Luxurious. Hand made. Stunning.

Jacaranda Carpets is a high-end luxury carpet and rug company that provides textiles with real character. Their handmade textures, natural colors, and eco-friendly  materials make for an ideal flooring solution.  Additionally, they use a labor intensive process and natural fibers to reduce the environmental impact of the production. Despite this process, they do not compromise  quality, design, or style. They believe this process is responsible for the characterful textures and beautiful natural colors.



All in all, each roll and rug is checked and rechecked to make sure it meets industry standards.  However, slight variations in color, weave, and pile weight are inevitable. After all, part of their “handmade” character is to not look factory made. It should be noted that natural fibers may fade over time, especially if exposed to strong light. Be that as it may, they are perfect for residential or light to moderate commercial use.

Many products from Jacaranda Carpets are handmade and are woven on traditional wooden looms. This means that they require no electricity or they are knotted by hand. They use pure wool and natural fibers, which are left undyed whenever possible. All Jacaranda rug suppliers are GoodWeave registered and inspected.

Want to find the perfect look for your design? Simply choose between these four looks: hand woven broadloom,  fine-loomed broadloom, hand woven rugs, or leather rugs. For those that want a more uniform look, we recommend the fine-loom options. These “machine made” carpets provide a perfectly harmonized aesthetic.

For a complete list of collections, please visit their website.

Summit International Flooring is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Jacaranda Carpets.

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