How To Design A Safe And Fun Kid’s Space

A kid’s space should be safe but most importantly, fun!

As every parent knows, kids have a lot of stuff: toys, games, puzzles, arts and crafts, costumes….the list goes on and on. In most cases, all of this stuff starts to slowly take over every room in the house but that doesn't have to happen!

The solution? A play room! Even if it's just a small space, defining a play area is a great way to not only to ensure your sanity, but to help your child learn, develop, and grow! However, design is key for a play space to work. That's why we are here to help!

Make it about them:

Kid-sized furniture (e.g., table with chairs, reading chairs) makes it easy for children to do crafts and read on their own.  If they don’t need your help to get on and off of furniture, they are learning to be more independent, and giving mom and dad a well-deserved break! However, make sure you’re keeping your kids in mind! After all, this space is for them.  You want them to spend lots of time enjoying the space, so when you choose a theme or color scheme, remember who you are designing for.

Choose the right flooring:

Of course we want to address the flooring!   There are so many great options for play space flooring. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite kid-friendly flooring options.

Tosh 1400 by OBJECT CARPET is a soft, comfortable luxury shag that invites any kid to crawl and play around on, or to cuddle up in and read on.  Its great sound absorption and footstep insulation allow you to make a play space in any area of the house and not worry about the kids interrupting you or your guests.  Furthermore. you can install underfloor heating under this carpet to keep your kids toasty warm through the winter months.  Not to mention, it can be installed wall to wall, or just as a piece created for a specific area.

In addition, we offer the Moon Collection from Best Wool Carpets. This collection is 100% Wool (hypo-allergenic), a great option for any child who suffers from allergies.  It is ½” tuft, loop pile, perfect for even the tiniest of feet.

However, if you’re looking to stay clear of carpet, but want something unique, we recommend ARKIT Floors. They have beautiful and safe LVT flooring options that your children are sure to love. The best part? They are easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and come in a plethora of colors and patterns!

Consider using rubber flooring:

What makes all rubber flooring kid-friendly? They are softer than most floors (hardwood, tile, or carpet), so they minimize the risk of injury and they’re extremely low maintenance, as you never have to have them sanded or refinished.  And cleaning is easy! Just vacuum and mop.  In addition, there are so many colors to choose from!

You can easily create a design to please even the most particular child. Our Kidz Kollection is another multipurpose flooring option.  It’s 90% virgin rubber and 10% recycled rubber and makes the floor safe for little ones to run around on.  You can choose between (or mix and match) interlocking tiles or square-edged tiles that are glued down.  With 6 fun colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your family.

Furthermore, our Triathlon 800 Series is a 100% “near solid” colored virgin rubber floor tile that comes in 24 beautiful colors and your choice of square cut or interlocking styles to create borders, checkerboard pattern, or any design you dream up! Get the look that fits your family best!

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